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Samsung SH100 - Wi-Fi Enabled Compact Camera

Samsung SH100 - Wi-Fi Enabled Compact Camera | The presence of a wireless connection makes Samsung SH100 perfect for those who often need to upload pictures on social networking sites.

I bet you are now getting used to see people upload dozens of their photos to Facebook or YouTube videos at once. Most users take advantage of camera phones and their collection of photos or video in their laptop computer to be "exist" in cyberspace. Today, there is a new way: using a regular digital camera.

Samsung SH100 - Wi-Fi Enabled Compact CameraYes, the Samsung SH100 is a camera that can transmit photos and videos to social networking sites without having to move it to a computer first. This is because Samsung SH100 has built in WiFi. You can easily connect it to the nearest access point. As you know, WiFi is not only able to connect this compact camera to the internet, but also to our computers to transfer data.

This compact digital camera has 14.2-megapixel resolution. It is small enough to fit in your pocket (dimensions 9.3 x5, 4x1, 9 cm). Your fingers might be a bit weary to access the navigation buttons on the 3” touch screen. Luckily, the camera package includes a stylus to let you be more comfortable pressing the resistive screen.

As the camera is a point-and-shoot one, of course it comes with “easy to use” banner, SH100 does give a very practical automated facilities. Even if there is a manual program, to setup the ISO, focus areas, lighting, and things like that. You will not see the option to set the shutter speed here. However, a variety of creative facilities such as Magic Frame to frame, Photo Filter for a certain effect, until the Highlight Objects that give focus to the object image are considered very interesting to try.

Yes, Samsung SH100 coolest feature is its ability to send the photos or videos to e-mail as well as popular sites like Picasa, PhotoBucket, Facebook, and YouTube. You can do that seamlessly right from the camera. Samsung SH100 is equipped with a link to the Boingo hotspot provider to provide WiFi channels in more than 200,000 locations worldwide.

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Read Samsung SH100 full specification here!

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